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Sábado, 12 Novembro 2011 14:53

New Ultra Wide band SDR Receiver 100KHz to 2GHz


                     Now new version DXpatrol  MK2:

           Optimized filter circuits and better performance


                           Only 89€


Ultra Wide-band Coverage SDR Receiver


  • Full coverage reception form 100KHz to 2GHz SDR

  • Independent antenna inputs for Shortwave and VHF

  • USB computer connection ( mini usb)

  • Very High dynamic range receiver

  • Low noise pin-diode band switch

  • Accurate and efficient band filters

  • Very clean audio reception

  • SMA golden antenna connectors

  • LED power and band indication

  • 40MHz local oscillator for HF conversion

  • DBM balance diode ring mixer

  • Small size board

  • Freeware software

  • Up to 3.2 M Sample rate.


 SDR Receiver manual      

     Get software Here

     Thank you SDRSHARP.com 

Price lowered now!

New HF Converter Kit for the SDR Fun Cube Dongle and RTL SDR 

New Version  Version 5.0 Available !!!




                           Only 49€


   Why will you choose this new Up Converter 5.0?

  - Smaller size PCB

  - 4 new holes for screwing PCB

  - MiniUSB connector
  - 2 led 5V indication USB/ Phantom Power

  - It runs with phantom power directly from Fun Cube Dongle's SMA cable

  - USB power for generic RTL TV dongle sticks
  - Separeted antenna inputs  HF/6m and VHF/UHF

  - Automatic internal relay antenna switch: HF or Bypass VHF and UP

  - WFM broadcast filter avoiding saturation of SDR front-end

  - LED indication for converter running
  - DBM diode ring mixer 7 dBm: This ensures exellent HF reception


  - LO on 106.250 Mhz or 65.520Mhz: This avoids interference from WFM


  - Tests made by hams worldwide reveal exceptional clean reception on HF

  - Technical assistance after selling

  - Either ready built and tested or as KIT easy to build by yourself

  - Worldwide shipping and tracking is included in advertised price

  - You can now choose the LO freq: 106.250Mhz or 65.520Mhz models




           Version 3.1 


Download the PDF File and Instructions Here:

HF-Converter Version 1.0


HF-Converter Version 2.0

HF-Converter Version 3.0

HF-Converter Version 3.1 Download PCB HighResolution Pic

HF-Converter Version 4.0 

HF-Converter Version 5.0

Looking for Yaesu FT-847 70mhz pre-amp? look here:

HF-converter , any Question? MAIL- Este endereço de e-mail está protegido de spam bots, pelo que necessita do Javascript activado para o visualizar


Despite some of the earlier FCD or RTL Dongles models having the capacity to tune on HF frequencies
 It does not mean that you will receive properly the HF signals.
Due the very poor IP3 of the front-end and nonexistence of filtering,

the tuner overloads with the intense signals from antenna.
This is why is impossible to receive seriously  HF Bands with "naked" SDR dongles
The HF-converter with is Double Balance Diode Ring mixer and Hi-Level LO,

makes a very rugged  front-end to deal with strong HF signals.
It´s still convenient to had a HF-converter on you SDR: The Reception on HF is clear, sensitive and selective.
As you can see on many videos posted worldwide by CT1FFU  HF-converters.

Shipping Area             Paypal payment
    All World

  Version 5.0 ready build and teste


With traking Number
 All  World 

Version 3.1 ready build and tested


With  Traking Number
Sold Out
Wide band SDR Receiver  


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    Note: This HF converter also works with DVB-TV dongles as Ezcap.


After payment, you will receive your traking number in max 48h.

Shipping is made by regular Post on Priority Mail service.

Kits arriving estimated time:

Portugal- Next day *.

Espanha - 2 days *.

European Union- 3 to 5 days
Rest of the World - 5 to 8 days.

* Excepção para CT3, CU, EA6, EA8, EA9

Try your tracking number here

      Kits Shipped:

Country Quantity
Alemanha  60
Austria 3
Australia 6
Argentina 1
Belgica 5
Brasil 4
Canadá 7
Croácia 1
Dinamarca 5
Espanha 10
França 17
Finlandia 4
Holanda 7
Israel 1
Malta 1
Japan 1
Portugal 10
Suécia 4
Suiça 13
Reino-Unido 19
USA 23
 Nova Zelândia  2

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